PCA_contest-1An attorney, a 20-year old virgin, and a flight attendant walk into a bar— no , scratch that— Poorly written joke-premises should be banned today because at 3:30 pm the Philadelphia Comedy Academy, is holding their Graduation show at Helium Comedy Club. The Academy’s headmaster, Brad Trackman, a 21-year-comedy veteran will shrug off a head cold to deliver a lecture, but he has no stomach for poorly-written joke-premises. I’ll leave the joke-telling to the Comedy Academy students , and begin this clip again: An attorney, a 20-year old virgin, a flight attendant, and five other budding comics will step in front of the Helium microphone today, and for the first time ever they will serve up fresh 5-minute sets to a breathing, live audience. You can be that audience, Philadelphia. Catch these aspiring-comics today, before they hit Richard Pryor-Mitch Hedberg- Jim Norton-status, and book sitcoms!” Helium Comedy Club: 2031 Samson Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 For tickets call the Box Office @ 215. 496.9001. Ticket prices range from $15 at the door/ $22 reserved.   Originally Published in the Philadelphia Weekly Calendar Oct: 24-30


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